Customise House Plans

Here at, we like to think of our designs as a margherita pizza – great on its own, but you can also add lots of “toppings” which can be great too. Here are some of the extra toppings you can add to your design:



The porch of your house offers a lot of opportunity for expressing your individuality.

Historically in Ireland, the front door was the most decorative and brightly painted part of the house – and with good reason: everyone approaching the house saw it, everyone visiting saw at close quarters as they entered and it gave the first impression of your house. The same thought process informs our porch.




 Extended Zinc Roof Porch




Glazed cube Porch




Because we prefer our conservatories to be as usable as possible, the conservatories have slate rather than glass roofs. These keep the conservatory cooler in summer when the sun is high in the sky and warmer in winter when the sun is low.

Bear in mind:

The conservatory should be located to the south or west of your house and generally to the side or rear. Be careful of up stairs windows! 

Another possibility is a conservatory with stone walls.




A roof conservatory



Lean-to roof conservatory


Bay windows

Tricky to get right because of their relatively small size, Bay windows need to have fine details to avoid looking clumsy. Their location is also important - a centrally located bay on a gable wall  can be extremely effective.



Bay with balcony over 

A nice combination is a bay window with flat roof with balcony and French doors over.

This looks best centred on the gable of a house, where there is a living room downstairs and a bedroom upstairs – but could be located to the rear elevation of a house too.



Window/glazing revamp  

Larger glazing opes [horizontally or vertically or more contemporary glazing arrangements [for example corner windows] can dramatically change the look of a house. However this does need to be balanced against the requirements for heating, over-heating and the building regulations.

Example: Eske plan with large glazing opes.


Floor to ceiling heights

The floor to ceiling heights shown in our designs are 8’. On the ground floor it is often a good idea to increase this to 9’ – it can add a real sense of luxury to your home, especially if there are large living spaces.





Traditionally, the important part of a house was plastered and less important parts of the house or outbuildings might be left in stone. This emphasises the main volume of the house. Also stone should not be used as a 2d façade – rather that particular element [wing or extension] should be fully wrapped in stone.