How works

Once you’ve chosen a home you like, place it in your shopping basket and bring it to checkout.

You will be posted a set of A3 drawings suitable for submitting to your Local Authority. 

These drawings are completed specifically for making Planning Applications in Ireland; however additional site information will need to be provided in order to make your application.

You will need to appoint a competent person to carry out a site level survey, a site suitability assessment [for waste water treatment], provide PSDP (health and safety) service and in some cases a preliminary BER. If you don’t have someone in mind, we at would be happy to advise or carry out that service for you.

Some site specific information will need to be included on the drawings we have provided: the site level of the house and the north point need to be filled in – there is a space specifically left for you to do this.

A site layout plan needs to be completed showing the entrance, drainage, sewage, the positioning on site.

We streamline this for the person making your application by providing a roof-plan in dwg and pdf format suitable for use with the OS maps.  Alternatively, we would be happy to do this for you.

The drawings we provide together with the site layout and the other planning documents may then be given your local Planning Department.

If you require additional assistance, we are happy to help – so do contact us.

When you receive Planning Permission, if you wish to carry out further construction drawings, we will be able to give an electronic copy of the drawings in rvt [Revit] or .dwg [Autocad] format to whomever you wish to develop construction drawings. Alternatively, we can carry out this service for you.

This way you can have access the best quality architectural services, without going to the time and expense of designing from scratch.


Need help choosing a design?

Email us about your site and your needs – e.g. a Google maps/Streetview link of your site, photos and what size/rooms/bedrooms you want.

We can suggest which designs will work well for you as well as suggesting possible customisation options (windows to capture particular views, mirroring, where to put additional accommodation).


Customise a home plan to suit your needs

Like a design, but it’s not quite perfect?

We can tailor a design to your personal requirements.  Because all of the drawings are available electronically, altering them can potentially be done in minutes.

We’ll present you with a fast quotation for any work before you decide. This way, you can have a bespoke architect designed home in days not weeks..